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about us.

Baker Advertising & Marketing is a full service, media accredited advertising agency based
in Adelaide.

who we are.

The things we do, people seem to care about. Nearly 40 years on, it’s what still motivates us today. Simply, we want to make businesses and products better, our success is measured on our clients success.

In the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s we did TV commercials, ads and all that stuff. Of course, the list is a little longer these days.

We work one-on-one, creating marketing and creative strategies with value-added work in print, press, radio and television production, catalogues, outdoor, point-of-sale, sales promotions, direct marketing campaigns, website development, SEM, social media, public relations and of course, advertising.

Started by Kim Baker over 40 years ago, the agency continues to be a family business today with Adam and Jack Baker being invovled in the busines for the past 10 years. This combined experience not only from working in the agency, but also that gained outside, helps us understand business needs and industry trends.

Our continued success is entirely based on our clients success. We don't go chasing fame and awards, we want to see results through creative and effective campaigns that drive client growth.

at Baker, we are totally unreasonable.


We believe it is not unreasonable to create the unexpected. Getting more than you expect can be unexpected. Unexpected and unreasonable often share common ground. Unreasonable is why we are in business, it is why we are what we are. Unreasonable isn’t something you get a degree in. Unreasonable is a corner store going multi-national. It’s not expected.

Unreasonable is altering minds and searching for unexpected connections to make it all happen.

Unreasonable is what we expect our clients to be and do. Our clients know who they are and the journey we’ve taken to be where they are. It all takes a lot of work; really hard work. In the end, it’s all worth it.


Baker Advertising & Marketing has full media accreditation, plus the ability to produce everything required for your next campaign.

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